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color blind glassesA young boy is gaining the ability to do something many take for granted.

He is colorblind, but a special gift is transforming the way he looks at things.

“I remember one time he put on a red Carhart coat and my husband had a green Carhart coat on and he’s like, ‘oh dad, our coats match.’ And I was like, ‘actually, yours is red, his is green,’” said Lindsey Austin, Thomas’ mom.

Thomas Austin, 6, is colorblind. He sees almost everything in the color brown.

“When we’re coloring it’s really hard to see colors,” Thomas said.

But Thomas has always kept a good attitude.

“He’s a pretty laid-back kid. So he didn’t get frazzled or anything. Just if he needed help with a color he would ask whoever was around him and they would help,” said Sue Meier, Thomas’ kindergarten teacher.

Meier wanted to do something to help so she contacted the local Lions Club. Together, they were able to purchase EnChroma glasses, which allowed Thomas to see in color for the very first time.

Before, Thomas could only see brown. Now, thanks to the glasses, he can see reds, yellows, greens and more.

Now Thomas can enjoy some of his favourite activities with a new perspective.

“It didn’t really seem to bother him that much, but once he wore the glasses for a day he stopped and looked at me and said, ‘I wish there wasn’t such a thing as colour blindness,’” Lindsey said.

Thomas received two pairs of glasses. The gift was made possible by members of the Lions Club.

Its president said the organization has a small budget and making this happen was more than just a day’s work.

“It was something that we had to work extra hard on to get and that was fine with all of us,” the president said.

The glasses cost $135 a pair. Get your glasses here.

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